22 December 2015



Con un bambino de La Restinga

This project has two main goals.

The first is the organization of the guided retreats. We do it in Iquitos, a context that is very exploited by the ayhuasca market, but we do it offering a professional but accessible service, with an original structure that makes it interesting and cheaper than the average.

The explosion of the ayahuasca market during the last decade produced a proliferation of “retreat centers” and “ayahuasca lodges”, where the genuine use of the amazonian medicine is mixed with lots of comforts and business. Ayahuasca is no more a life changing experience, but often is nothing more than a touristic experience, something cool lots of people want to do because it is characteristic of the place they’re visiting.

With this modality of work, with overcrowded ceremonies, with the impossibility to learn at least the name of each participant to the retreat, the experience lost its genuineness and became sometimes dangerous, mostly for those who are really looking for cure and relieve and that arrive to Iquitos in a fragile psychological condition.

ninos beleninos

Bambini a Belèn

This exponential increase of the western interest in the amazonian medicine also produced an incredible price increase.

Obviously, these kind of places are offering a level of comfort we are not going to offer, mainly for two reason. The first is because it’s impossible to give some kind of services staying in our price range, second because we don’t think that a person retreating should have access to wi-fi connection, air conditioning or electricity, because one of the most important thing in an ayahuasca retreat is the disconnection from our routine and habits. Renouncing to our commodities is the first step of the awakening and cure.

Our offer goes in a very different direction: we want to provide a high and professional level of assistance but in a price range that we decided is “fair” and that is affordable to a wider range of people. We think that having the experience of the amazonian medicine directly in its environment and for a longer period could give better effects. And with this project we want to give this opportunity also to those who have not considered this possibility for lack of financial resources.

Mentre spiego il gioco a uno dei bambini coinvolti nel progetto

Al lavoro con i bambini di Belèn, 2008

The conditions that allow us to ask such a low price are, in the first place, our strong will to do it, and then the cooperation with Otilia Pasmiño and Luis Pinedo, my masters and friends, the use of their existing facilities and a fair distribution of the resources.

Our second important goal, is to help a local NGO that works with children and teenagers of the most disadvantaged areas of Iquitos

This project, in fact, financially supports, through a donation of 10% of the cost of each retreat, the association La Restinga, a Peruvian NGO working since 1996 in social support projects for the most disadvantaged children of Iquitos.

I ragazzi del gruppo Crea Belèn, 2008/9

“Crea Belen” teenagers group, 2009

This is a primary goal of the Ayahuasca Project Rebirth, who wants to have, in this way, a special attention to the difficult social conditions in which most of the population of Iquitos live. The minimum wage in Peru is 280 USD per month and many people can not even get to this amount because they do not have regular contracts.

In the city of Iquitos, there are problems of child malnutrition, child labor, sexual exploitation, domestic violence, people are living in inadequate sanitary conditions and many of these children, although they are forced to work, still live below the poverty line.

bimbo belen

A child of Belèn

It is due, in our view, to raise awareness of this social reality and working to improve it. We think that a project aimed at preserving and disseminating cultural and spiritual heritage of the native peoples of the Amazon, should devote a special attention to those who are not receiving benefits from the growing interest that the Amazonian medicine has aroused in recent years in the West.

Those interested in participating in our retreats and receiving more information on costs and schedule, can visit this page.

For those who want to meet Otilia and Luis in total autonomy we provide all the details necessary to do it. You have only to ask it and we will send it to you privately and freely.

Those who deem it is appropriate, and are in a position to do so, may participate with a donation to the association Vida Nativa.

For any information or suggestions write to: info@ayahuascarebirth.org