22 December 2015


ajo sacha

Ajo Sacha leaves

This project was created, first of all, to give the possibility to other people to meet my masters, Otilia and Luis, taking the medicine directly in the Amazon Forest, the place where it grows and where resides its energy. In doing this I wanted to create the best conditions to offer a good and accessible alternative to those who can not afford participating in expensive retreats.

It’s very important to higlight that Ayahuasca Rebirth is not a “retreat center”. What we offer is not an experience where you take Ayahuasca booking a retreat in a center that hires a shaman to give you the medicine in a comfortable place. What we offer is the possibility to meet two real curanderos, still working in their original environment, going directly to their homes in the jungle to work and take the medicine with them and their families, living with them in close contact with the jungle and its energy.

During the last decade the medicine has been spreading the world. Lots of people, shamans and facilitators, have been traveling the western countries offering ceremonies and retreats, and mixing the medicine with psychological techniques, enriching it with various religious and philosophical elements from different traditions.  From a point of view, this is a very good thing, because the power of healing of the amazonian medicine is reaching lots of people who have never had the idea to travel looking for it. By the other hand, my opinion is that having the experience of the medicine in its own place, with professional and serious people, could have a better and bigger efficacy, bringing long lasting effects on the body and mind. Moreover, by adding to the medicine the component of the trip, renouncing to our habits and getting far from our usual environment and routine, the effects of the medicine can be really multiplied.

The idea of the “rebirth retreat”, and its structure divided in two different phases, was brought by the insights the medicine gave me during the years of working with it. The two different phases are dedicated to the work with the two complementary energies that live in us and create us, the feminine energy of the mother and the masculine energy of the father.

The final aim is to make Otilia’s and Luis’s energy working together and completing each other. This synergy and union of the feminine and masculine energies in a rebirth process guided by the amazonian medicine has in my vision an extraordinary healing potential. It has a concentrated but balanced program, that makes the person work intensively for 15 days, having enough time and space to integrate the experience in the everyday life.

aya 3

Ayahuasca vines, cleaned before boiling

The decision to divide the retreat in two different phases, and to work in two different places and with different shamans, was taken to divide sharply the retreat in two different period, during which we will work with opposite energies.

During the first part, the re-born phase, when we will have the first contact with the energy of the medicine, we will be guided by the warm and maternal energy of Otilia. In the second phase we will work on getting stronger and bringing autonomy in our life, guided by the energy of Luis. The diet with amazonian plant will introduce us to the power of other master plants, different from ayahuasca, and the Kambo vaccine will give balance and stability to the process of healing and trasformation.

This kind of retreat is, in my opinion, also very suitable for people who have no previous experience with teacher plants. Deciding the program, in fact, I gave priority to the necessity of processing the experience, and so I opted for a well balanced number of ceremonies. Therefore I left enough space for working in group, moments of meditation, creative expression, sharing, singing and body-work, so that everyone can feel taken care of. There is also the possibility to have private chats, because the group is of 8 people maximum, and so the attention I give can be completely personalized.

The mistake I wanted to avoid is to create an Ayahuasca retreat with too many ceremonies, confusing “quality” with “quantity”.