7 August 2016


Ayahuasca Rebirth offers multiple days options retreats, from 5 days to 15 days. The 5 to 12 days retreats are with Otilia Pamiño Guimaray, the 13 and 15 days retreats are with Otilia and Luis, and includes also Kambo and a medicine plant diet in the program.

The 5 days retreat/450USD with Otilia includes 2 Ayahuasca ceremonies, flower and plants purification baths and integration workshops.

The 6 days retreat/500USD with Otilia includes 2 Ayahuasca ceremonies, flower and plants purification baths and integration workshops.

The 9 days retreat/600USD with Otilia includes 3 Ayahuasca ceremonies, flower and plants purification baths and integration workshops. More info >>>

The 13 days retreat/800USD with Otilia and Luis includes 5 Ayahuasca ceremonies, 3 with Doña Otilia and 2 with Don Luis, flower and plants purification baths, 2 Kambo sessions guided by Laszlo and the integration workshops.

The 15 days retreat/900USD with Otilia and Luis includes 6 ayahuasca ceremonies, 3 with Doña Otilia and 3 with Don Luis, flower and plants purification baths, 1 Plant Diet with Don Luis, 3 Kambo sessions guided by Laszlo and the integration workshops.

IMPORTANT: the Ayahuasca used by both Otilia and Luis is prepared by them, and grown in their own land. Nothin is bought or prepared elsewhere.

The groups I will lead will be composed by no more than 8 people.

The retreat will be held in English, Spanish and Italian.



Ayahuasca pronta per la bollitura

The 15 days Ayahuasca Rebirth Retreat is designed in two different and complementary phases. The first one is based on the work with the feminine energy of Otilia, the second on the masculine energy of Luis. These two phases represent the two different phases every human being passes trough from the birth. In the first, thanks to the mother’s care, we acquire our  fundamental life functions. In the second, thanks to the father’s energy and care, we develop our strength and autonomy.

This is the reason of the name I gave to the project. The Ayahuasca Rebirth retreat, in fact, will represent a re-birth process, during which the participant will gain strength, autonomy and self-confidence.

During the first part of the retreat we will stay at Otilia’s place in the middle of the forest, 50 km away from Iquitos. She will be our mother during this first important step.

At Otilia’s we will live in single or double rooms, in austere and essential accommodations, with no electricity, no mobile phones, no Internet, and with only the rhythm of the sun pacing our daily life. In this ideal environment we will start looking for our natural state of body and mind, disconnecting from our western habits and concentrating the work on the cure and awakening process we want to achieve.

With her we will have purification baths, with plants and flowers, we will have a healthy and abundant diet, and we will enjoy this protected space, perfect for the purpose of this first part of the retreat.

During the days, if Otilia thinks we need, she will offer us the possibility to take some medicine plants, different from Ayahuasca, with the aim to help Ayahuasca process in the cleaning of the body and mind. Otilia will decide it by checking our conditions during the ceremonies.


Cannelilla leaf

With her we will have a community experience, the place has wide and open spaces, we will eat all together and the group will have some moments dedicated to singing, meditating, sharing and thinking on the work we are doing.

The first ceremony will be on the day after our arrival, and then on the Tuesday and Friday. This calendar has enough pauses to permit everyone an appropriate rest, a good psycho-physic recovery and integration of the insights.

After eight days with Otilia we will leave to go visiting Luis and Sara, to the antipodes of the city.

Luis’s place and the energies we will find there are completely different from Otilia’s, the ceremony hut is in the middle of the forest, so the ceremonies are in complete darkness.

With Luis we will enter in the second part of the retreat, dedicated to our strengthening and autonomy gaining. The quality of the experience will change, it will be more individual, and each person will focus on his/her own personal work. This phase will be concentrated on the masculine energy, and Luis will be the father guiding us in this second step of growth and development.

The opening ceremony will be the day after our arrival. During this ceremony Luis will check on us, deciding which plant we will diet (only 15 days), starting from the morning after. During the week we will take part to others two ceremonies (1 for 13 days).

corazon de aya

Shipibo textile art

Dieting, in the peruvian shamanic tradition, means taking for some days in a row (depending on the plant), in the morning before breakfast, an infusion with the chosen plant.

This diet, combined with reduced amount of healthy food, life in the jungle and participation to the ceremonies, make us familiar with the spirit of the plant we are dieting, gaining the benefit thanks to which Luis has chosen for our benefit.

The first plant that is usually dieted is ajo-sacha, and the diet lasts for 4 days. Some of the many other plants are: Chiric Sanango, Toè, Lupuna, Ojè, Ayahuma, Bobinsana, Camalonga, Chuchuhuasi, Clavohuasca, Copaiba, Guayasa, Jergon Sacha, Llanten, Lanzetilla, Piri-Piri, Sangre de Grado, Uchu Sanango, Uña de Gato, Yawarpanga, Piñon Colorado.

During our time with Luis, in every morning before ceremony, we will have a Kambo session guided by Laszlo. The Kambo is a neurotoxin extracted from an amazonian frog, the Phillomedusa Bicolor, that is taken by our organism trough little burns produced in the skin with wood sticks. It’s a painless process, trough which the neurotoxin enters our lymphatic system, starting a process of psycho-physic purification. It’s reccomended to receive all the 3 applications, so the Kambo effects will be better on the organism and longer lasting.

After a week with Luis and the family, the retreat will close on the afternoon after the third ceremony, going back to Iquitos.


The following program gives you an approximate idea about the way the retreat is structured.

To all participants will be asked the greatest flexibility, patience and adaptability, essential skills to survive in a good mood in the amazonian context, that is naturally changing and insecure.

Day 1: 9am Meeting at La Restinga’s, check-in and departure to Otilia’s place.

Day 2: Ayahuasca Ceremony with OTILIA

Day 3: Rest and integration workshops

Day 4: Ayahuasca Ceremony with OTILIA

Day 5 e 6: Rest and integration workshops/END OF THE 5-6 DAYS RETREAT

Day 7: Ayahuasca Ceremony with OTILIA

Day 8: Rest

Day 9: Departure to Luis’s place/END OF THE 9 DAYS RETREAT

Day 10: Kambo Session and Ayahuasca Ceremony with LUIS

Day 11: Plant Diet starting

Day 12: Kambo Session and Ayahuasca Ceremony with LUIS

Day 13: Rest and integration workshops/END OF THE 13 DAYS RETREAT

Day 14: Kambo Session and Ayahuasca Ceremony with LUIS

Day 15: Plant Diet closing, lunch and departure to Iquitos/END OF THE 15 DAYS RETREAT

For info, questions and doubts: info@ayahuascarebirth.org