13 June 2016


lazslo-225x300Laszlo Bartha was born in 1974 in Romania, but it is of Hungarian nationality, the country where it grew. He has always been interested in meditation, Kung-Fu and Tai-Chi. In 1997 he emigrated to the United States, where he lived until 2011, when he moved to Iquitos. After he met Don Luis he decided to become his apprentice, and since 2011 he worked with him in the management of the activity and the terrain.

Laszlo, over the years, deepened his knowledge of Amazonian plants, dieting many plants and submitting himself to hard living rules and strict learning.

Over the years he has approached other traditional medicines, such as tobacco and Mambe and many varieties of mushrooms with remarkable therapeutic qualities, and became an expert in the application of Kambo medicine.

Laszlo is fluent in Hungarian, English and Spanish.

To contact him write to: gyemantkigyo@gmail.com