4 June 2016




Luis Pinedo was born in 1969 in Iquitos, he is from a Huitoto family and his grandfather was a curandero ayahuascuero.

Luis’s father had not inherited the legacy of his grandfather, but Luis was always attracted by the world of traditional medicine and wanted to devote himself to learn its secrets.

It was not difficult for him to awaken this memory and self-educate himself to the use of ayahuasca getting the help, during the path, of many others masters.

At age 17 he met his wife, Sarah, that has Yawa origins. She had always a special interest in medicinal plants, which she cultivated and sold at the Belen Market, in the famous Pasaje Pajito, the market area where it is possible to buy the shamanic product of the forest.



Together they continued to walk the path and settled in their land, started a family together and began to work with medicine plants.

Luis can be called a “maestro Ayahuascuero Dietero”. He gives to his guests the possibility to diet plants, and “dietar”, in the jargon of the Peruvian shamanism, means taking a plant in a brew for a the prescribed consecutive days, every morning on an empty stomach, accompanying this assumption with a healthy and reduced diet and a life in isolation in the forest.

During the plant diet, if there are no contraindications, the person can continue to participate regularly in Ayahuasca ceremonies.

All these factors together – the purification due to special dietary requirements, the life in the midst of nature in isolation, the ayahuasca cleaning process and the intake of the plant you are dieting – allow us to enter into communication with the spirit of this plant making ours some of its features and teaching and going to heal the emotion and physical problems for which that plant is indicated and for which Luis has chosen for us.

Some photos from his land

casa luis

Luis’s house

lago 2

The lake

cammino alla lupuna

The path to the Lupuna tree

luis bagno di piante

Plants bath on the morning after ceremony

maloca di cerimonia

The ceremony temple

tambo de dieta

A hut to diet plant in isolation


To receive Luis Pinedo’s contacts, instructions to get there and information about the cost of his hospitality write to Laszlo Bartha (english, spanish, hungarian): gyemantkigyo@gmail.com