11 June 2016


otilia 7


Otilia was born in 1959 in Pucallpa and she has mestizo origins. She moved to Iquitos in  the 80’s, during the worst period of the Sendero Luminoso terrorism.

She had a lifelong interest in Ayahuasca use and spirituality, and in Iquitos she could deepen the work with Ayahuasca starting a collaboration with the Sachamama center, managed by the curandero and artist Francisco Montes Shuma, cousin of the visionary painter Pablo Amaringo.

The collaboration with Don Francisco has lasted several years and during this period Otilia got a lot of experience and some interesting meetings. Just to name one, that’s where he met the anthropologist Graham Hancock, author, among others, of the book “Supernatural – Meetings with the Ancient Teachers of mankind” and cited Otilia among the thanks of his book. While she was working with Don Francisco she also met people who helped her in the purchasing her land, allowing her to start her curandera activities in total autonomy.

Otilia can be defined a curandera ayahuasquera vegetalista. This indicates that she has an extensive knowledge of the world of healing plants, which offers to patients according to the needs she detects into them, and only for the period that the process of the cure needs.

Otilia, as a “curandera mestiza”, has no specific tribal identity. This helps a lot in the understanding of Western thinking style.

His songs – that are called, in ayahuascuero jargon, icaros – are very melodic and narrative, without those repetitive components and those recognizable vibration typical of the Peruvian jungle.

In her ceremonies Otilia permits and encourages participants, in specific moments of the ceremony, to sing some of their own songs, to play instruments and provide a musical contribution to the ceremony that she consider a real celebration of joy.

Some photos from her land

panoramica da casa nino

The forest

vista panoramica tempio 1

The big house for the guests


The amaca

stanza chitarra

A room

casa otilia esterno

Otilia’s house

casina esterno

Private house for guests


The dining room

interno tempio 2

The benches inside the Temple

interno tempio tavolo

Otilia’s desk in the Temple

bagno otilia

The bathroom

nicolas 2

Don Nicolas cooking Ayahuasca

aya 4

Ayahuasca boiling


To receive Otilia’s contacts and more informations about her work write to: info@ayahuascarebirth.org