7 August 2016


Get ready for the travel

Iquitos is the greatest continental city in the world that is not possible to reach by road. It is only possible to get there by river, from Pucallpa or Yurimaguas, with a fascinating (and full of variables) 2/3 nights trip, or by air from Lima and Pucallpa. The companies flying there at the moment are: Star Perù, Peruvian Airlines, Avianca e Latam.

If you are flying directly to Iquitos, and you don’t want to make stop elsewhere before or after, could be better for you to buy a flight that includes Lima-Iquitos. Doing this way, in case of late or missing connection, it will be guaranteed a seat in the next flight.

The best and cheapest website to buy tickets are Kayak and Skyscanner.


Casa Nuestra, Lima

If you decide to stay in Lima I suggest you a very cool and small  B&B: Casa Nuestra

The owner is a friend of mine, he is Italian and lives in Lima with his family. He knows very well the capital and can guide you and suggest you the best places.

Iquitos is in the middle of the Amazon Forest, very close to the equatorial line. The climate there is hot and wet and rains a lot. Bring with you light dresses, short and long (more effective in protecting you from mosquitoes). Bring with you also a couple of heavier sweater (that could be very useful during ceremonies because sometimes, during the nights, the temperature could be almost cold). Bring a light jacket too, preferably rain-proof.

Here you have a list of things to have with you:

  • Lamp
  • Dictionary (few people speaks English)
  • Raincoat
  • Lighter
  • Anti-mosquito repellent
  • Water bottle or thermos
  • Sun cream
  • Light sleeping-bag
  • Closed and light trekking shoe
  • Slipper, sandal or flip-flops
  • Wet wipe
  • Travel Pouch (for money and documents)
  • Enough clothes (considering the temperature and sweating)

Travel Pouch



In the frequent case of strong rain the path to go to Otilia’s or Luis’s could be dirty and full of mud, and it is easier to walk them with a pair of rain boots.

At Otilia’s and Luis’s places it is possible to wash clothes manually.

Feel free to bring with you music instruments, books, block-notes, stationery and whatever you think could be interesting to do with your hands during the retreat. You will live a moment of god inspiration, or maybe it will be interesting trying to challenge yourself in one of the hardest thing: doing nothing.


Arriving – Leaving

The appointment is at 9 am or 11am on the first day of the retreat. It is a good idea try to be in Iquitos at least the day before in the morning, so you can have some hours to acclimate.

For the departure we suggest you could stay in Iquitos one or two days, preferably in a quite place, to get ready to go back to your country.

Iquitos is an interesting city, with lots of things to do.

The best advise I can give ever is to give yourself enough days both before and after the retreat. The more days you have, the better will be your general condition when you will be back to your daily life.

Airport – Iquitos transfer

Once you are in the Iquitos Airport, if is by day, you can take a moto-taxi to your hotel. It should cost 10/15 soles.

If you arrive by night, or if you prefer to be welcomed in Iquitos by someone that could take you to the Hotel you booked, get in contact with us and we will be there. In this case we ask you to pay the two way moto-taxi fare: 30 soles.

Iquitos hotels suggestions

Our suggestions are two:

They are both close to Plaza de Armas, a safe area of the city, very close to La Restinga too, the place where we meet up the first day of the retreat.

How much cash is appropriate to carry?

Iquitos is a safe city and there are lots of ATMs around Plaza de Armas area. You can take USD or Peruvian Soles from them, and you can do the payment to us in both currencies. So, you can decide to carry with you all the amount or less, and then take a part from the ATMs in Iquitos (considering your cash limits). If you want to stay safe during the money operation in Iquitos we can go with you to the ATMs and do it toghether.

Once at Otilia’s and Luis’s you will not need money. The only money you need there is if you decide to buy some Shipibo handcrafts. In fact, Otilia receive frequent visits by Shipibo women selling their wonderful stuff, the price range is 10 USD/150 USD.

Vaccine yes Vaccine no

In my trips in the Amazon region I have never done the anti-malaria prophylaxis. IT has a lots of contraindications, especially considering the work we do with the plants. In my experience, the best prophylaxis is prevention, using the repellent, closing properly the mosquito net when sleeping and avoid to stay outdoor at sunset and sunrise.

For any vaccine you want to decide to do or not, the best advise is to speak with your doctor and take a decision together, considering pro and contra. But, if you decide to do some vaccine, try to do it at least 30 days before the date of the retreat.

For info, questions and doubts: info@ayahuascarebirth.org