29 December 2015



Traveling Perù, Ayacucho, May 2009

Welcome to Ayahuasca Rebirth. My name is Alessandro Dei, I was born in 1978 in Florence, Italy, and I am a Clinical Psychologist. In 2010 I obtained a Master’s Degree in Emergency Psychology and Psychotraumatology and I am registered with the Italian psychological society since 2009.

Since I have memories I remember myself looking at the reality around me as if I was doing it trough a dirty lens. I have always felt that something was missing, and that my capability to perceive the reality as it truly was had something wrong, was not fully functioning. I was convinced that I could improve the intensity of my feelings, of my sensations. The level of this intensity was not enough, and this feeling drove me in a research that started through reading and studying, and then by experiencing and traveling.

I have always been interested in the shamanic traditions of native cultures of North America and Asia, and I studied their use of amanita muscaria, peyote and sacred mushrooms. I studied the history and customs of the natives, particularly the Lakota people, and I read books about the Native American Church, the Sun Dance, the Ghost Dance, the ceremony of Vision Quest and the Inipi-Temazcal, the sweat-lodge ceremony.

I obtained my Psychology degree in Environmental Psychology and Ecological Psychology, graduating with a thesis focused on a critique of the concept of wellness in our society, doomed to endless growth, where happiness and self-realization depend on the unlimited capacity of consumption.


August 2009, at Otilia’s

After the degree I decided to leave my country. I spent the first part of the post-graduate internship in Dublin, then I moved to Peru, in the city of Iquitos, where I worked with a local ngo called Asociaciòn La Restinga. In Iquitos, following friends and collegues that were taking Ayahuasca on a regular basis I met Otilia Pasmiño and Luis Pinedo, and with them I met the Amazonian shamanic traditions that they preserve. Under their guidance I participated in the rituals with Ayahuasca, verifying firsthand the many benefits it gives, and I perceived clearly the potential of psychological healing it could bring.

When I went back to Italy, in 2010, I continued the study of Amerindian shamanic traditions, opening myself to the knowing of the shamanic traditions of the Ande and experimenting the practice of Inipì-Temazcal. In 2015 I also began my Vision Quest, a 4 years path of isolation and starving in the nature, with the intention of reconnecting my self to the source of the truth I was looking since my childhood.

During this period I worked in various centers for disadvantaged children and teenagers, working for five years for an association for children and teenagers affected by serious and chronic diseases.

In 2015 I decided to leave my job to devote full time to the Ayahuasca Rebirth Project, founding the cultural association Vida Nativa with the purpose of protecting, learning and teaching the ancestral knowledge still present in the Amazon region, and promoting the fusion with western psychological techniques. On the other hand, the aim of my work is to share with others the gift I received meeting my masters, Otilia and Luis, and I want to do this creating a safe, professional and affordable retreat that could allow those who are not in the possibility to spend high fares, to get the benefits of the amazonian medicines in a genuine and not corrupted environment.