6 January 2017


A child of Belèn

Choose Ayahuasca Rebirth if you’re looking for an intense and well-structured experience, with your spiritual evolution and healing of your psycho-physical problems as its primary focus.

Choose us if you’re not interested in luxuries and you believe that renouncing to comfort and disconnecting completely from your western lifestyle habits might represent a further incentive to achieve your goals.

Workin in Belèn with children 8-11 years old

Choose us if you’re not searching for a “retreat center”, but you’re looking for the possibility to meet a teacher that will share with you his tradition and his knowledge, if you are ready to become his guest and to conduct yourself as a visitor in his home.

And finally, choose us if you want to invest a reasonable sum for this experience, and if it makes you content to see part of your money allocated in favor of an organization working with unprivileged children and adolescents from the most impoverished parts of the city. An organization whose work, if you wish, you can get to know directly and whose associates can stand in as guides for the hardest reality of the city of Iquitos, the one not benefiting from the explosion of Ayahuasca market.